Nobody’s Angel

Twenty years ago Jake and Angie were the couple everyone wanted to be. When they split two halves of the same heart broke. With their high school reunion looming, will they find their way back to each other or continue to be haunted by what was? An ensemble of friends is pulling for them, but will it be enough?

I loved writing about these two – they’re quite flawed, not your typical Romance hero and heroine. But real. People you know and can relate to – familiar.

Thank you to Boroughs Publishing Group for bringing Jake and Angie’s story to all of you. Please go to to purchase their story.

Here’s a little taste:

They had been hanging together during their junior year. He’d been hopelessly in love with her since he was eleven, but she hadn’t known it. Initially he’d acted mildly interested as they teased and flirted for the better part of the school year, dancing around the inevitable. Then, the night before she left for her usual summer visit to California, she wrapped her arms around his neck, raised up on her toes and said against his mouth, “I hope this holds you.” When she kissed him the shock of her passion had him reeling for long days and lonely nights.

         She’d given him a glimpse of heaven. He knew hiding his feelings after that would require a bit of the Harry Houdini.

         In an attempt to minimize her mind-numbing effect on him, Jake tried going out with other girls to pretend he wasn’t missing the hell out of her. 

         It didn’t work.

         And, for reasons still unknown to him, she missed him, too. 

         Two days after her eighteenth birthday and one week before their senior year was about to begin, the doorbell rang while he was in the den watching Bugs Bunny. When no one else seemed to make a move to answer the door, he hollered, “Come in.”

         Within moments of the screen door slamming, he knew it was her without even turning around. She always smelled like flowers. 

         Jumping off the couch would’ve revealed the monster hard-on in his shorts, so he remained sprawled, leaning his left elbow on the armrest, a pillow strategically held in front of his body.

         Walking around the sofa, she stood in front of the television. “Hey, Jake.” She flashed him that spine-melting smile and he nearly cried. He wanted her so much it hurt.

         “Welcome back, Ange. I didn’t expect to see you ‘til school starts.” He sat up. The pillow stayed in his lap while his hungry gaze traveled up her long, ever so long lusciously tan legs, stopping to focus on those chew-on-me thighs that disappeared into her tight white cut-offs.

         “We got back late last night. I couldn’t wait to see you. I missed you.” 

         He was flabbergasted. She missed him and she had no compunction telling him. What the hell was he supposed to do with that?

         “Judging from the pillow placement, I’m guessing you missed me, too.” She gave him a smirk, daring him to do something about her insouciance.

         Never one to back down from a challenge, he threw the pillow aside jumped off the couch and took her in his arms. He held her close against his bare chest and aching cock, one arm around her curvy waist while he stroked her beautiful hair with his free hand. 

         “Can you feel just how much?” He pressed his hand at the small of her back so her hips were flush with his.

         “Nice to know all your summer dalliances didn’t cure you of me” she whispered against his lips, not quite kissing him, but begging the question.

         And that was when he broke the rule. Jake didn’t zag. He went with it and allowed himself to go down the road laid out before him. He gave himself permission to love her.

         “Nothing will ever cure me of you, Ange.” 

         His lips touched hers. Gently. His self control impeccable, in direct contradiction to his every instinct and desire. He wanted to ravish her. To throw her down on the couch, mount her and push himself so far inside her that she wouldn’t be able to breathe.

         He wanted her under him for the next fifteen years and then maybe he’d be able to slake his thirst for her and no one else. He wanted to brand his name across her forehead so no one would even come near her.

         He wanted to marry her and give her babies that looked like the both of them.

         He wanted to love her until time stood still. 

         His feelings for her were the most frightening thing in the world.

       © K.T. Wells – All Rights Reserved


About K. T. Wells

Author of contemporary romance novels.
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2 Responses to Nobody’s Angel

  1. Oh Wow, young love is so, so powerful and so – I’m groping for the right words. So damn all consuming, like a raging fire, it can suck all the air out of a room. This couple seems like they’re in for quite the sleigh ride and it sounds like a romance story that I’d want to read.

    • K. T. Wells says:


      Thank you. You hit the nail on the head: Consuming, over-powering, mind-altering, game-changing – viral.

      I hope you enjoy the book. I look forward to hearing from you after you have read it.


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