Blog Tours on the Horizon

Happy New Year, Everyone. I hope your holidays were grand and that this year brings you everything you want. My publisher has arranged blog tours for me and the kick-off is supposed to begin next month. I’ll keep you updated. In the mean time, I thought I’d give you another peek at Jake and Angie. Enjoy!


“Valentine’s day fell on a Friday her senior year of high school. The day started out sweetly enough, Jake made her an omelet and gave her a rose. She figured they’d go out to dinner or do something later, but she really didn’t care. Her parents were away for the weekend and she and Jake would have the house to themselves. That was all the Valentine’s she needed.

         After lunch Jake escorted her out of school and over to his car.

         “We ditching?” 

         He didn’t answer right away and looked like he was up to something as he keyed the ignition. “Yup. Taking a little ride for Valentine’s Day.” He wore that irresistible devilish grin.

         “It isn’t like you to be able to hold on to a secret until the day of.”

         “I know.” He reached across the car seat and took her hand. “I’m really proud of myself.”

         They talked about lots of nothing for about an hour, then he pulled off the Parkway at the Cornwall exit, drove for a couple of miles and pulled up to the entrance of an historic inn.

         “Oh, Jake, it’s … so … romantic.” She was all choked up and he was beaming. “Are we staying over?” Did she dare to hope tonight they’d finish what they’d started some many months ago.

         “Oh, yeah.” His chest was puffed out like a peacock.

         “What if my folks call from New Orleans?” She really didn’t think they would, but she had to cover the bases.

         “All taken care of. Jess and Connor are staying at your place and her folks think she’s staying over to keep you company while your folks are gone. If they call while we’re here, Jess answers, they think nothing of it, she calls you … I gave her the number here … and then you can call them back.” He looked very self-satisfied.

         “Quite the well executed plan.” She smirked and was genuinely impressed.

         “You ain’t seen nothing yet.” Grabbing her suitcase out of the trunk, he held it up, away from his body. Wearing a wicked grin he said “Packed by Jess.” “


About K. T. Wells

Author of contemporary romance novels.
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