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My Review:
Oh my God. Could this book get any better?! I absolutely fell in love with Angie and Jake from the beginning, and the words and passion kept me gripping my eReader until the last page. Wow! K.T. Wells has incredibly strong talent and I am happy to say that I am a forever fan.

Do any of you remember your first crush or high school sweetheart? Did you marry him or her? I remember mine, but sadly, never married him. But, that didn’t stop me from fall head over heels for Angie and her high school sweetheart! Actually, it goes back to middle school for them. Jake’s crush on Angie started in middle school and never let up. Little did he know, she felt the same but was playing that “hard to get” woman.

When Jake and Angie enter high school, she’s still not “interested in him…or so he thinks. But, his feelings for her are stronger than ever and knows that he’s completely in love with her. Problem is, she’s in love with him too, and finally gives in to his question of dating him. It’s floating-air-happiness for them both…..until the deceit enters the picture. A lie that one of them tells leaves them both heart broken and going separate ways.

Then, through the love of family and friends, Angie and Jake are reunited years later after bouts of unsuccessful relationships for them both, and it’s love at first sight all over again. But, will the lies stay away this time? Can Angie and Jake risk their hearts to each other once again?

What? You think I’m going to spoil the story for you? Nah. I’m going to say that this is a fantastic story of forgiveness, true love, second chances and incredible characters. It’s intensely complex and leaves you breathless by the end. I definitely recommend this roller coaster read with highest of 5 Book ratings and can’t wait for another captivating read from this extremely talented author!


About K. T. Wells

Author of contemporary romance novels.
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